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Top 7 Best Cryptocurrency App in India 2022

Top 7 Best Cryptocurrency App in India 2022 (Free ₹100 Bitcoin) | Best Cryptocurrency App to invest in India 2022

Many of you must be aware that how fast the cryptocurrency is moving in today’s time and it is because of bitcoin. Due to the rapid increase in the value of crypto currency, many people want to invest in crypto, that is why people often look for the best cryptocurrency app in India. Today we will tell you the top 7 best cryptocurrency apps with low fees, because the crypto trading apps that come today have more transaction fees, that’s why we will tell you the best cryptocurrency apps with low fees, so that you can use those best cryptocurrency app for beginners and get into crypto. Can invest safely. After reading this post completely, many of your questions like which is the best cryptocurrency app in india are going to be answered, so let’s know further.

WazirX : Buy Bitcoin & Crypto

WazirX is a Mobile App and it is a crypto exchange, in which you can buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is based in Mumbai, which was launched in 2017. Then, it was acquired by Binance Holdings, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume. This makes it one of the most trusted Indian crypto exchanges. Every crypto investor trusts it.

The WazirX App also promises super fast INR deposits and withdrawals. You can also deposit and withdraw money using IMPS, NEFT, RTGS and UPI (Paytm/Google Pay). Plus, it offers a simple interface and lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies with a live open order book system.

WazirX has integrated P2P transactions with Binance’s fiat gateway platform. This allows crypto traders to buy and sell any cryptocurrencies listed under Binance using USDT from the WazirX platform. You can transfer money between WazirX and Binance Wallet instantly for free. There is no charge of any kind in it, that’s why people like it.

CoinEx – Best Crypto Exchange

CoinEx App is a Cryptocurrency App. It launched in 2017, CoinEx has listed 506 coins in 911 markets. Coinex Company is a United Kingdom based company headquartered in Hong Kong. The Coinex company is accompanied by rich R&D experience and a team of the world’s leading Internet and Finance companies.

It has its own Coinex token for you to get discounts on when you trade crypto on Coinex. It supports 10,000 transactions in a second. You can also earn Crypto Coin from the Refer and Earn program in this, you have to share this app to your friends, if anyone signs up with your link, then he will also get free crypto coin. And you will get 40% of that.

CoinDCX: Bitcoin investment App

CoinDCX is an Indian and popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, it was launched in 2018. It offers a wide variety of over 200 crypto coins with a very clean user interface and high liquidity. This cryptocurrency app supports unlimited trading.

Anyone can deposit and withdraw money in the CoinDCX Cryptocurrency App for free with the CoinDCX Cryptocurrency App. It is considered to be the Best Cryptocurrency App in India, in this no fee has to be paid at the time of transaction. CoinDCX provides access to trading products such as margin, spot, futures and lending using a powerful portfolio wallet. Along with this, it also comes with an Insta feature that lets you buy up to 40 cryptocurrencies with INR in less than a minute.

Coinswitch Kuber

CoinSwitch is also one of the best cryptocurrency apps in India and was founded in 2017 as a global aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges. Then in June 2020, CoinSwitch company launched its India exclusive crypto platform, CoinSwitch Kuber to make crypto investing easier for Indian retail investors.

Coinswitch Kuber is used by many crypto traders and it is the Best Cryptocurrency App in India because I myself use Coinswitch Kuber, you can use it, you will not have any problem, also if you do from our link So you will get 50 ₹ bitcoin for free.

CoinSwitch supports over 300 cryptocurrencies and over 45,000 pairs from major exchanges like OKEx, Binance, IDEX, HitBTC and many more.

Unocoin: Bitcoin & 85+ Cryptos

UnoCoin Cryptocurrency App Founded in 2013, UnoCoin is the oldest cryptocurrency exchange in India, with over 1 million users, backed by leading VCs such as FundersClub, Bloom Ventures, Mumbai Angels, etc. This makes it very reliable. With UnoCoin you can buy and sell any cryptocurrency.

UnoCoin App offers unique features like over the counter for bulk trades, crypto basket for weighted basket orders, systematic buy plan to automate bitcoin purchases with a fixed amount and frequency, option to avail loan in USD and INR Is.

Zebpay Crypto Exchange

ZebPay is an old crypto exchange. It was established in 2015, ZebPay is headquartered in Singapore. It initially ceased operations in India after the cryptocurrency was banned. But, just before the SC hearing on RBI’s crypto ban, the ZebPay cryptocurrency app was re-launched in India in January 2020.

ZebPay Cryptocurrency App has served more than 5 million users till date. It also promises the Best Cryptocurrency App in India with low fees and advanced platform security. Using the ZebPay Crypto Currency App, crypto traders can buy and sell in 130 countries with no trading fees.

Kraken – Buy Bitcoin & Crypto

Kraken is considered one of the Best CryptoCurrency App in India, many crypto traders use Kraken to buy Bitcoin and other Crypto Currency. In Kraken CryptoCurrency App you can trade many crypto coins, and some famous crypto coins like bitcoin cardano, Solana, Uniswap etc. Kraken CryptoCurrency App has a lot of crypto coins that you get to see in it which will not be available on any cryptocurrency app. On Kraken App, you can trade a total of 87 Crypto Coins.

Kraken has a free and pro version, like if you use the free version you will not get extra benefits and if you use the pro version you will get a lot of premium features like ₹0 fee, many rewards and more A lot too.


We hope that you must have come to know about the best cryptocurrency app in india with low fees and which is the best cryptocurrency app in india.


What is the best free app to mine Bitcoin without fee on Android?

Using the CoinDCX Cryptocurrency App, you can buy and sell bitcoin without any fees.

Best application to store all cryptocurrency tokens

If we talk about Best application to store all cryptocurrency tokens then you can use Best Cryptocurrency App in india with fee CoinSwitch Kuber

Best cryptocurrency to invest

You can invest in bitcoin in 2022 because bitcoin has been going up and down rapidly for the past several years.

Best crypto news app

You can use CoinSwitch Kuber to know news related to crypto because in this you will get news of every crypto coin and you can also buy and sell any crypto coin in it.

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